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Elevate Your Products with Organic Cashew Butter and Paste.

Experience the creaminess of cashew butter which is made from blended, roasted African cashew nuts. Or discover the thickness of cashew paste made from grounded African cashew nuts. 

Perfect for food manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers across Europe.

Premium cashew derivatives for every business

cashew butter from roasted cashews

Bulk supplies or pallet loads, we have your needs covered. 

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Why Partner with KODGAV for Cashew Butter and Paste?


Direct Sourcing Advantage: Enjoy unparalleled access to organic cashew butter and paste, directly sourced from Africa's esteemed processing companies.


Adaptable Quantities for Every Need: We cater to your specific requirements, offering both bulk supplies and pallet loads. Whether you're a small business or a large manufacturer, our flexible solutions are designed to meet your demands.


Unmatched Quality and Reliability: Choose KODGAV for a reliable supply of cashew butter and paste, without the usual complexities of international sourcing. Our commitment to quality and sustainability makes us the preferred supplier for Europe's food industry.

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Serving Excellence to Europe's Food Industry.

 KODGAV is the trusted supplier for Europe's food sector, delivering high-quality, organic cashew derivatives to businesses across Europe. Our focus on sustainability, quality, and traceability has made us a trusted partner in the food manufacturing, retail, and service industries.


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Ensure your cashew butter and paste meet the highest standards. With KODGAV, you're choosing a digital supplier that adheres to stringent quality and organic certifications, guaranteeing excellence in every batch.
Discover the difference with KODGAV's organic cashew butter and paste. Request a quote today and join Europe's top food sectors in sourcing the finest ingredients directly from Africa.