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cocoa bean, chocolate powder, and cocoa nibs.

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Ease of Sourcing: Our platform guarantees direct access to premium cocoa beans and derivatives, sourced sustainably from the rich soils of Africa. Experience the true flavour and quality that only KODGAV can deliver.


Customizable Quantities for your Needs: Our network across Africa allows us to accommodate orders of any size, from pallet loads to bulk quantities. Partner with us for seamless, large-scale procurement tailored to your business requirements. 


Unmatched Quality and Sustainability: Choosing KODGAV means opting for cocoa products that meet Europe's stringent quality and sustainability standards. We ensure your supply chain's integrity with fully traceable and ethically sourced cocoa.

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 As a leading supplier, KODGAV has established itself as a trusted source of cocoa beans and derivatives. Our rigorous standards for quality, traceability, and sustainability, make us the preferred choice for businesses across Europe. 


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Align with KODGAV for cocoa beans and derivatives that adhere to the highest organic and quality standards. Ensure the success of your cocoa-based products with our transparent and ethical sourcing practices.
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