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Unlock the vibrant flavours of Africa with our dried whole ginger and ginger slices (split ginger). Request a quote now and infuse your products with the essence of premium, sustainably sourced ginger.

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Bulk supplies or pallet loads, we have your needs covered. 

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Why Partner with KODGAV for Whole and Split Ginger?


Ease of Sourcing: With KODGAV, discover a seamless way to source dried whole ginger and ginger slices. Our platform simplifies the procurement process, offering you a direct line to Africa's rich agricultural produce.


 Flexible Quantity Options: Whether you're looking for pallet loads or bulk quantities, we've got your needs covered. Our network across Africa allows us to fulfill orders of any size, catering specifically to food manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and the food service sector.


Assured Quality and Reliability: Partner with KODGAV for a reliable supply of dried ginger, bypassing the complications often associated with international trade. We guarantee the quality and sustainability of our ginger, ensuring it meets the high standards of Europe's food industry.

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Serving Excellence to Europe's Food Industry.

 As a leading supplier, KODGAV has established itself as a trusted source of dried ginger for businesses throughout Europe. Our commitment to quality, traceability, and sustainability has made us a preferred choice for those in the food manufacturing, retail, and service industries.


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Choose KODGAV for ginger that adheres to the highest standards of quality and organic certification. Ensure the integrity of your food products with ingredients sourced through our sustainable and transparent supply chain.
Request a quote today and join the elite group of European businesses leveraging our direct access to Africa's finest agricultural produce.