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Great news for the UK & EU food industry, KODGAV has launched and we are providing the ultimate convenience for food companies sourcing plant-based ingredients. 

We provide guaranteed access to ingredients without price spikes and volatility.
Kodgav is the partner for food companies sourcing ingredients from Africa with over 500 tonnes of ingredients delivered to customers in Europe without a single rejection!

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Four Ways Kodgav Is Supplying Cashew Nuts Sustainably


Kodgav is the trusted supplier solution for Europe's food sector for sourcing premium organic and conventional ingredients from Africa.

Our focus on convenience, quality, traceability, and sustainability has made us a trusted partner for food manufacturers, retailers, and the food service sector across Europe.

Here are four ways we are supplying sesame sustainably. 

1. Ethical Sourcing

Kodgav partners with cashew nut farmers and processors who adhere to ethical labour practices. This ensures that workers are treated fairly, working conditions are safe, and child labour is strictly prohibited, fostering a responsible cashew nut supply chain.


2. Environmental Preservation

We prioritise farmers and processors who adhere to sustainable methods for harvesting and processing cashew nuts, including water conservation techniques and renewable energy sources. This minimizes environmental impact and promotes the longevity of cashew plantations.


3. Support for Local Economies

By purchasing directly from local producers in Africa, Kodgav injects income into rural communities, enhancing their economic stability. This direct support helps farmers invest in sustainable practices and improve their quality of life.


4. Waste Reduction

In the production of cashew butter and other derivatives, we encourage and collaborate with processors who implement zero-waste practices. This includes utilizing by-products of the cashew nut processing, reducing waste, and increasing the overall sustainability of the supply chain.

5 Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts


Sesame Seeds are well known for being the add-on for any dish.


Tiny as they are, they are very beneficial for our health. They are a good source of plant-based protein and fibre, essential for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Sesame seeds also support hormone balance which is particularly important during menopause.

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5 things to look for in Your Cashew Nuts Supplier [Guide]


Consumed as a snack or used as an ingredient to manufacture various food products, cashew nuts are undoubtedly one of the tastiest nuts packed with nutrients and minerals. 


In this blog, we explain to both food companies and consumers alike what to look for when a cashew nut vendor. 



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