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3 Ways to get Sesame Seeds in Bulk

Sesame seeds are high nutritional seeds, and can be a great add on to a healthy diet. Here, we present 3 ways to get sesame seeds in bulk for your business

Sourcing for food items in bulk can be very hard, and the same can be said for sesame seeds, especially as they are very important and highly nutritious seeds. They can serve as a healthy alternative to protein and are also in demand for their oil, culinary and beauty purposes. Buying sesame seeds in bulk might seem to be a task that isn’t clear, especially when trying to identify quality and value for money. However, it is not impossible, which is why we have curated a list of places where you can get quality sesame seeds in bulk. 


Our services include producing and distributing nuts and seeds including sesame seeds in large quantities. Our sesame seeds are produced organically, and in a healthy way that not only maintains their quality but also sustains the environment. A massive advantage of buying our sesame seeds is the reassurance that you are getting fresh-from-the-farm products at a pocket-friendly price right from the comfort of your home. We also ensure that your seeds are delivered in perfect condition without making efforts to physically shopping!


Sesame seeds can be found at most local supermarkets within the food and vegetable sections. However, If you are going to buy a very large quantity or in bulk, you might need to request the supermarket beforehand as the majority of them will only supply for end-user consumers, like individuals and families.


A farmers’ market is another great bet as they deliver fresh farm produce to consumers and other retailers. You can find farmers’ markets at a physical retail marketplace or a short-term pop-up location by a group of farmers. One major advantage of buying from a farmers’ market is that the seeds are guaranteed to be fresh and the prices will likely be cheaper than other retail prices.

At KODGAV, we endeavour to provide a fresh supply of sesame seeds that is efficient enough to meet all of the demand. Finding sesame seeds should no longer be a problem. Learn how KODGAV is supplying cashew nuts sustainably to the UK.


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