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When are Cashew Nuts Harvested?

How are cashew nuts harvested? When and where does this happen? KODGAV distribute's raw or roasted organic and Non-GMO cashew nuts in the UK.

Cashew nuts, one of the most consumed nuts in the world, are a good source of zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron and a host of other micronutrients. When consumed regularly, they generally help reduce cholesterol, enhance cardiovascular health, and increase the function of blood vessels.

Today, cashew nuts have grown to become one of the most valuable processed nuts in global commodity markets, with a market value of 6.27 billion US dollars. At present, India, Ivory Coast and Vietnam are the world’s biggest producers of the nut. The cashew nut industry also has significant social value, providing vital employment to millions of people, especially women. A combination of farming, processing and exporting can create employment for local farmers and communities all year round.


How the cashew nut is harvested

The cashew tree flowers for two or three months and produces a soft, juicy fruit that matures about two months after they bloom. This fruit, known as the cashew apple, bears a single-seeded nut, the cashew nut, on its bottom covered with a hard grey shell. Harvest takes place during dry weather, and the nuts are harvested only when the cashew apples are fully ripe or when they take on a pink or red cast. When fully ripe, the cashew fruit, and attached cashew nut, fall to the ground. The cashew nut grows about 2.5-4.0cm (1.0-1.5 inches). Its shell is about 5mm thick, with a soft leathery outer skin and a thin, hard inner skin.

Harvesting generally involves collecting the nuts once they’ve dropped to the ground. Cashew fruits are generally left to fall to the ground before being collected, which indicates that the kernel is mature. If fruits are picked from the trees, the cashew apple will be ripe, but the kernel will still be immature. 

When does harvesting take place?

You will usually find that cashew nuts are ready to be harvested around February - May time each year. The main signal that they are ready to be picked is when the cashew plant starts to fall off the tree.

KODGAV’s cashew nuts

Here at KODGAV, we produce and offer both raw and roasted cashews. Both types of cashews are natural, organic, and Non-GMO, allowing our customers to enjoy the best organic, vegan-guaranteed products. 

For distributors seeking roasted or raw cashews, KODGAV offers the best cashew nuts. We offer packaging and labelling types based on your request, and the weight per bag varies from 10-50kg. Our consignments usually arrive at the port within 15 days of a confirmed export order.

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