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We Were Nominated as a Top AgTech Company in London by

Kodgav UK nominated the top AgTech company in London by - the best digital platform for sourcing organic, and sustainable commodities.

At KODGAV, we are working hard to provide an AgTech platform for sourcing sustainable plant-based ingredients from the African agri-food supply chain. We are thrilled to announce that we have been featured in the Best Startup Magazine as one of "London’s Best AgTech Companies – To Work For and Buy From"

The nominations were made based on innovation, growth, management and societal impact. 

It’s worthy of note to share that KODGAV started as a Nigerian based startup that eventually grew and planted its roots in the UK. Our journey didn’t exactly start here, so being recognised amongst the top innovative Ag-tech startups in London is significant to us.

In 2019, when we set out to start this company, our main focus was to identify and solve the existing problems in the African Agri-food sector. Over time, we have refined our solution to primarily serve the food & beverage industry in developed market economies, helping them source conveniently from an international supply chain, without the expenses or administrative barriers associated with international trade.

We sure haven’t achieved our vision but we are on track to launch our digital sourcing hub in the UK in 2021.

This year: 2021, here are a few things we’ve done to move inches closer to our goal.

  • Cash Flow and Revenue: KODGAV saw a whopping 78% increase in cash flow between May and June 2021. Additionally, our forecasted revenue for the third quarter of 2021 is projected to hit £100,000 
  • We launched our Youth internship upskilling programme intending to impact 100,000 youths in 10 years using upskilling initiatives created by KODGAV. 
  • In May 2021, we pitched at Mass Challenge-Switzerland for the Sustainable Food Systems Challenge and although we did not move on to the next round, acknowledgements to pitch at such a grand stage, we are confident in the fact that we are doing something right. 

After our setback in round 2 on the Mass Challenge this year, this nomination is incredibly encouraging and shows us that our work is being noticed and on the right track. 

A big thank you to BestStartUp UK for the nomination, to our customers, and to the KODGAV team!

A little bit about Best Startup is an online publication that helps promote British businesses and put them on the international stage.


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