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3 Quality Places to Buy Sesame Seeds in Bulk

Where to buy sesame seeds from responsible sources in bulk. Buying in bulk helps to reduce food waste, plastic consumption and save you money

Sesame seeds are seeds derived from the sesame plant (Sesamum indicum). They are believed to be the oldest oil-seed crop in the world and have been cultivated for more than 3,500 years.

Sesame seeds have many health benefits since they are packed with an impressive array of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. When taken regularly, they are known to improve cardiovascular health, reduce blood sugar levels, boost bone health and general immunity.

Sesame seeds can be used as a seasoning or garnish, and are frequently incorporated in many recipes, especially in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. They also have cosmetic and medicinal uses. 



A wide variety of sesame seeds are available to be purchased in bulk, such as hulled, whole, ground, toasted or raw seeds. Some suppliers even offer hybrid sesame seeds. 

Buying sesame seeds in bulk promotes long-term use, eliminates food wastage, and saves cost. Apart from the regular bulk food stores, three places where you can buy sesame seeds in bulk include:

1. KODGAV: KODGAV is a food processing company involved in the business of exporting processed sesame seeds, among other locally grown products. They work to provide direct market access to value processed Agro-Food products straight from the source, and they are experts at international sales and supply agreements. KODGAV products are tested locally and in the UK, where they undergo a thorough nutritional analysis, contaminants test, and shelf-life test. The KODGAV website is easy to work with, and the delivery of products is by air/sea. We offer packaging and labelling types based on the request, and the weight per bag varies from 10-50kg. Their consignments usually arrive at the port within 15 days of a confirmed export order. 

2. Gorilla Food Co: Gorilla Food Co, an independent health food supplier, was established in 2014 by brothers- Peter and Ian Morgan. Their products are efficiently packaged in fully recyclable food-grade polyethene bags. They sell natural raw, hulled, white or brown, sesame seeds in bulk size up to 25kg. They deliver to all of the UK and Netherlands within 2-3 days after your order.

3. Zero Waste Bulk Foods: Zero Waste Bulk Foods is an online plastic-free UK bulk store. They offer 3 options for packaging, which are all plastic-free as they hope to reduce plastic load, food waste and help you save money. With a host of positive reviews on quality and a food hygiene rating of five, they sell organic sesame seeds produced in Uganda in bulk unit sizes ranging from 250g - 1kg. 

  When buying sesame seeds, it is advisable to toast them before use as they are believed to have a crunchier, more nutty flavour. They can be added to raw food recipes, baked goods, and smoothies or sprinkled over yoghurt, salads, and vegetables for an added boost of nutrition.


When purchasing sesame seeds in bulk, it is important to make sure that there is no evidence of moisture. Take a whiff as well to make sure that they smell fragrant and not stale. 

Since sesame seeds have a high oil content, they must be stored effectively else they would go rancid.

  • Store in a sealed, air-tight container. If toasted, allow it to cool fully before storage.
  • Store at room temperature for 3 months or refrigerate to store for 6 months. Freeze to extend the shelf life for up to a year or more.

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