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5 Interesting Plant-Based Foods to Introduce to a Vegan Diet

Here you can find out 5 interesting plant-based foods to introduce to a vegan diet, and the variety of choices in seeds, grains and nuts for a great diet.

Veganism is gradually gaining wider popularity and uptake in recent years with plant-based foods being in high demand. Simply put, it means to avoid any type of food or product made from or as a by-product of animals. Some vegans go as far as avoiding clothing products made from animals, such as silk and leather. While the latter remains valid for vegans, this article is focused on veganism in relation to food. 


Here are 5 plant-based foods that are great for a vegan diet:

  • Sesame Seeds

sesame buns

You can never go wrong with sesame seeds in your vegan diet. Black sesame seeds can go well with cereals, bread and pastries. Sesame seeds can also take the form of an alternative milk source, with the calcium and protein produced from them rivalling traditional milk sourced from cows. Milk-loving vegans can be rest assured that they will still have access to nutritional plant-based milk through these seeds. You can learn about how sesame seeds are grown here.

  • Cashew Nuts

cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are another solid and versatile go-to food source for vegans. If you are a lover of dairy milk or cheese, you can make a fairly seamless switch to milk and cheese sourced from cashew nuts. You can also take the classic route of replacing your dairy-based snacks with cashew nuts, which are as buttery and crunchy as they are healthy. If you’re looking for a supply of foods to suit your vegan buyers you can find out about quality cashew nuts.

  • Lentils


Legumes are generally a solid option to source vegan diet options from, with lentils being a standout option. Lentils are rich in plant-based protein, folate, iron and fibre. Their popularity can partly be attributed to their versatility and the fact that they cook quickly. Lentils also aid in digestion and possess anti-aging properties, sure to win anyone over. 

  • Whole Grains


Whole grains are like an elite, champion team: there is no standout player. When going for whole grains in a vegan diet, you would need as many variants as you can get hold of. These include cereals, corn, oats, brown rice, buckwheat, millet and quinoa, among others. Whole grains pack the punch of multiple nutrients such as Vitamin B, iron and zinc.

  • Chickpeas


There are a host of interesting vegan recipes which factor in the delightful inclusion of chickpeas. Chickpea salads are a solid option and are suitable for both dinners and special occasions. There is also the option of making chickpea curry, which can comfortably lead the pack or support a main course. Chickpeas also go well with burgers and curry meals. One for caterers to bear in mind for their vegan recipes.

With more people looking to spice up their vegan diet with a variety of plant-based foods, we know that food buyers will want to ensure they can meet that demand. Contact KODGAV today to get started with sesame seeds and cashew nuts.


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