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Five Ways KODGAV is Supplying Sesame Seeds Sustainably

KODGAV UK is a sustainable ag-tech company focused on the sustainable production, distribution and supply of agricultural products such as sesame seeds.

KODGAV was founded in October 2019 to streamline the supply chain of organic food commodities from Africa. We seek to simplify African entry channels for global consumers and look for ways to encourage interest in sustainable agriculture.


Sesame seeds form part of the leading alternative sources of protein in Africa and have a healthy global valuation of $3.4 billion. Its widespread use can be seen in sesame cakes, which are popular in the livestock industry and used as animal feed. At a time when large corporate buyers have a keen interest in supply chains that are transparent and sustainable, we have risen to the occasion when it comes to sesame seeds.


Here are five ways in which we supply sesame seeds sustainably:

1. Flexible Delivery Methods

The need to supply products in perfect condition is a top priority for us, and it’s an objective that is consistently met regardless of the distance and the time needed to deliver these products. To this end, when considering delivery agents, we consider forwarding agents designated by our clients. With or without forwarding agents, ensure the delivery of sesame seeds by both air and sea. While the mode of transportation we adopt depends on the client’s location and the key travel regulations at both ends, speed is considered to ensure that sesame seeds meet their buyers in excellent condition.

2. Multiple Payment Methods 

This may come as a surprise, but prompt payment factors into the sustainable delivery of sesame seeds. To state the obvious, scaling the hurdles of international payments ensures that the seeds remain in optimum quality for longer. These hurdles are worsened in the face of limited options, but we are once again up to the task here. We provide our customers with different financing and payment options including documentary credit, documentary collections and open account terms. Additionally, the different situations of clients are taken into consideration before any payment method is settled upon.

3. Practicable Export Process

Following the prompt conclusion of the paperwork, we ensure that all consignments, including batches of sesame seeds, reach the port of take-off within two weeks - fifteen days, to be precise. This is in line with global practices, and our team constantly assesses how to make sustainable adjustments to this set-up to build confidence in clients. We have put strict measures in place to ensure accuracy during the export documentation process. These documentations include a Clean Certificate of Inspection (CCI), a Certificate of Weight and Quality, and a Bill of Lading or Airway Bill as part of our export quality assurance.

4. Quality Assurance 

Sesame seeds also pass through the filters of quality assurance before dispatch. A cloud of doubt will hover over clients’ minds when products are yet to be certified. However, these worries can be put to rest as we make sure that our products are tested locally with ISO Certified Quality Competent Authorities. In a bid to adhere to international standards, we also test our products in the UK. Sesame seeds are not an exception, and these tests include Nutritional Analysis, Contaminants Tests and Shelf Life Tests. Notwithstanding, with the general notion of sesame seeds having longevity, quality assurance goes a long way to ensure the seeds are sustainable. Learn how KODGAV is supplying sesame seeds sustainably.

5. Sustainable Labelling and Packaging 

Shifting the focus away from the actual sesame seeds, it is vital for the labelling and the packaging of the seeds to be harmless to the environment. In line with our vision and mission, we’re sure to consider this when preparing sesame seeds for supply to clients. We also balance the consideration of recycled & recyclable packaging with the preferences of each client. Labelling, on the other hand, is generally suited to the sustainability standards of both the European Union and local jurisdiction. 


Sesame seeds are a very profitable food commodity in the agriculture and trade space. Given the present trends that indicate buyers' preference for healthy and affordable food, coupled with sustainable supply chains, the efficient supply of sesame seeds has never been more important. So far, we’ve proven to be a leader in this regard. Read here on 5 reasons why sesame seeds are good for you.

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