Sesame Seeds

5 Delicious Ways To Eat Sesame Seeds

Ever ran out of the ways to eat sesame seeds? Here are 5 amazing ways to include sesame in the kitchen!

There are several ways to incorporate sesame seeds into your diet. Since they became a staple on burger buns, it is understandable that a lot of people don't know many ways to cook and eat sesame seeds aside from that. 

Sesame seeds come in two forms - the hulled and unhulled sesame seeds. The hulled sesame seeds have had their hull removed. They are usually white. The unhulled sesame seeds still have their hull intact and look brown when roasted.  

Sesame seeds offer a wide variety of minerals and elements important for bodybuilding, repair, and general wellness. This article will give you 5 delicious ways to eat sesame seeds so you can enjoy all of their goodness. 

Sesame-Banana Smoothie

If you already start your day with the freshness and zing of a fruit smoothie, why don't you consider trying this out? You'll only need some sesame seeds, bananas, salt, water, and a teaspoon of vanilla. Blend all these up, and your smoothie is ready to drink. A variation of this is to add little to no water, so you have a very thick paste. Instead of it being a smoothie to drink, you'll have a smoothie bowl. It's delicious and packed with all the energy and goodness you need to start your day. Read on the health benefits of sesame seeds.

African Sesame Seed Soup

This might be a bit too far out of most people’s comfort zone, but the whole point of this article is to try new recipes, right? African Sesame seed soup, also known as Beniseed soup, is a Nigerian soup. It is prepared with the un-hulled type of sesame seeds. It is eaten with a group of foods they call "swallow." The ingredients commonly used in the preparation of this delicious, nutty soup are; vegetables like spinach, pepper, and onions, palm oil, beef (or any meat of your choice), bouillon cubes, spices, and meat stock if available. It is a delicious, low carb soup. 


Tahini is also known as sesame seed paste. It is a common meal in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The type of sesame seed used affects the colour, texture, and flavour of the paste. For instance, hulled sesame seeds give tahini a finer look, smoother texture, and a better taste.

The unhulled sesame seeds produce a bitter flavour and a darker appearance. However, the unhulled sesame seeds are more nutrient-dense than the hulled seeds. Read on 5 ways KODGAV is supplying sesame seeds sustainably. 

Crispy Sesame Bar

This is an easy-to-make, crispy, and crunchy sesame bar that can serve as a snack for you and your friends. It is made from a combination of hulled sesame seeds, honey, and lemon juice. You can also find these ready-mades in many supermarkets. 

Sesame Chicken

This is a delicious way of eating sesame seeds by incorporating them into your chicken sauce. You can do this by adding sesame seeds to a rich chicken sauce recipe. The sesame seeds boost the nutritional value of the meal and add a new dynamic to the dish. This recipe originated in China. It is still a popular dish on the menus of many Chinese restaurants across the country. 

Sesame seeds are a great addition to any regular meal. They can be used to make several types of dishes. Juice, soups, candy, even cake. Its addition, even as a garnish, is a big tastemaker. When you factor in the nutritional content of these seeds, it makes the meal so much more enjoyable!

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