Cashew Nuts

Five Key Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Cancer prevention, blood pressure control... The health benefits of cashew nuts are one of the reasons why they're an important part of our diet.

Cashew nuts are the seeds of the cashew fruit, which typically sprout at the tail end of numerous cashew fruits or "cashew apples" found on a cashew tree. Despite their compact nature, cashew nuts are easy to munch, and they have a buttery taste.
Most people subconsciously dismiss cashew nuts as having less nutritional value than other nuts. However, numerous health benefits can be derived from them!



1. Cancer Prevention

Perhaps, the biggest health benefit of consuming cashew nuts is that they help prevent cancer. The specific properties of cashew nuts that inhibit cancer cell growth - especially those of colon cancer - are copper and a breed of Seminoles. Consuming twelve cashew nuts daily can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Cashew nuts also contain a good amount of calories, vitamins, and minerals, which reduce the likelihood of developing cancer or related conditions. A few grams of processed pure cashew nuts contain 157 calories. It also contains 8% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin K and 7% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin B6.


2. Elimination of Free Radicals 

Another health benefit of cashew nuts can be found in their ability to eliminate free radicals, which can form a breeding ground for subsequent health challenges if unaddressed. The properties of cashew spur the body to put the iron to proper use.

On a more specific level, this function can be attributed to the ethanol inherent in cashew nuts. Cashew nuts and fruits have been tested and proven to be rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties and the consumption of food items that contain them are made more critical by the fact that one runs the risk of having impaired cell and tissue functions over time. Medication and health supplements are in place for this. However, consuming cashew nuts still goes a long way in helping.


3. Heart-Healthy 

By being void of cholesterol, the consumption of cashew nuts is healthy for the heart. Rather, cashew nuts contain high levels of essential fatty acids such as oleic acid and palmitoleic acid. These acids serve to bring down detrimental levels of the low-density lipoprotein or "bad" cholesterol while boosting the blood's high-density lipoprotein or "good" cholesterol level to speed up detoxification.

This function is made more important by the fact that a regular person's cholesterol is mainly made up of low-density lipoprotein, which increases the likelihood of heart disease when in excess quantity. On the other hand, high-density lipoproteins are capable of doing the opposite, given that they take in potentially harmful cholesterol and transport them to the liver for excretion. Read how cashew nuts are grown.


4. Prevention of Muscular Degeneration 

When most people think of shielding themselves from the harmful effects of overexposure to sunlight, the first thing that comes to mind is sunscreen. However, as unusual as it sounds, cashew nuts can filter the sun's ultraviolet rays, which spur muscular degeneration when unchecked.

Protein is biologically instrumental to the improvement of tissue quality and the creation of new cellular compounds. Cashew nuts are a great source of protein, unlike many other nuts, such that 18 grams of such can be found per 100 grams. For further muscle density, cashew nuts contain more carbohydrates than most nuts. Amino acids can also be found in cashew nuts, and they aid in keeping one's muscles in good condition.


5. Blood Pressure Control 

Cashew nuts help keep blood pressure under control and also lower triglyceride levels. This is largely as a result of the magnesium content, which offers 73% of what you need on average daily. This is also closely linked to the fact that cashew nuts boost the blood's high-density lipoprotein or "good" cholesterol.

Blood pressure is one serious health indicator that many people downplay until it becomes impossible to ignore. When keeping it under control, periodic medical check-ups can be accompanied by the consumption of natural supplements. One solid supplement in this regard can be found in ounces of cashew nuts. See why you should be buying cashew nuts in bulk.

Cashew nuts are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which go a long way in helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are a great addition to many diets, including vegan and vegetarian diets. Barely any health risks can be disclosed from them, and as with most foods, they are also best consumed in moderation. For information on cashew nut supplies, and how KODGAV is supplying sustainable cashew nuts, reach out us today.


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