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How KODGAV is Changing the Game in Cashew Nut Production

What differentiates KODGAV from your common cashew nuts suppliers?

Cashew nuts are kidney-shaped nuts grown on the cashew tree. The cashew is native to subtropical climates and is cultivated across the world. At present, India, Ivory Coast, and Vietnam are the world’s biggest producers of the nut. Still, we at KODGAV hope to change that narrative soon because we intend to bridge the gap between West Africa and the global market with certain food commodities.

We are an African food processing company concerned with enhancing sustainable agriculture by leveraging on Ag-Tech and providing direct market access to conventional and organic grown food products like cashews.


Cashew nuts have a soft consistency and sweet peanut flavour. They are considered a healthy snack, but most people do not know how cashew nuts grow. Technically, they are not nuts, but seeds that grow on the fruit called the cashew apple.

Cashew trees (Anacardium occidentale) are exotic evergreen trees that grow to about 14m (46 ft) tall, native to Brazil, India, and Southeast Asia. Cashew nuts grow encased in shells and attached to the bottom of the cashew apple, which is botanically recognised as a false fruit. When the cashew apples ripen, it is picked, with the seed still attached, from the tree branch. The seed, still encased in a shell, is hand twisted and plucked off, then dried and steamed. After drying, it must be frozen and boiled before it can be removed from its shell.  Read more on how cashew nuts are grown.

The processes of steaming, boiling and roasting the cashew shells are important as cashew shells contain a toxic compound called anacardic acid. Exposing the shells to high temperatures ensures the elimination of this compound.

Here at KODGAV, we are focused on exporting the best-shelled cashew nuts grown in Nigeria. Our products are fresh, safe, organic, non-GMO, and cultivated conventionally. We have an in-depth understanding of developed market economies and recognise the importance of international food safety management standards. Read on how cashew nuts are best traded.


Our services focus on maintaining the highest standards in all our products and ensuring traceability as we believe in our vision to integrate African Agriculture with evolving business and cultural habits using technology and sustainability.

We also offer every client a smooth cross-border contractual and purchasing experience; we aim to be a leading exporter and distributor of Agricultural resources.

From our preconception to date, KODGAV has maintained a keen priority in sustainable standards and corporate social responsibility from our farmers, suppliers, and products down to the inner walls of our offices. We hope that with constant innovation, adaptation, and transparency, we achieve our goals of completely transforming and implementing sustainable agriculture. See how to get wholesale cashew nuts in the UK. 

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